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I was honoured to be the guest speaking at Creative Morning’s 50th event anniversary. It was early, but there were cupcakes. I had fun. The audience seemed to as well. That was probably more to do with the cupcakes.

Talk Title: “Honey, we shrunk your job: technology, humans, and the future of work.”

Blurb: As you’ve probably noticed, disruptive technologies are being invented with greater frequency. This is causing uncertainty within economies, companies and governments. Often, this uncertainty is passed on to us in the form of temporary employment, and lower wages.

Software really is eating the world. Innovation exists to solve problems, often we are now the problem. Adam’s talk will explore how can we react to all this change, and make the most of what new technology offers us as individuals to create a rewarding career for ourselves. All in twenty minutes. No pressure.”

I enjoy public speaking, and I’m available for events, weddings, funerals and to provide live commentary as you move through your daily life. To book me, just use the contact form and tell me more about your event.