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Work Experience

I always planned that one day to give that writing thing a go. I figured I’d be good at it, because it’s just doing that thing I do with my mouth all day, only with my hands. I began writing columns for Venture Village. That went well. Then I wrote this one about becoming German. More than two million people have read it, to put that in context, that’s 1,999,990 more than all my previous articles combined. I got my first book deal. I wrote more articles. I got more book deals. I don’t really understand how it all happened, but I’m delighted it did. I’m still writing books to this day. Probably right this very minute, in fact.

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Upcoming Books:

Published Books:

Depending on my mood, I’d describe the Hipstery as either a) a very elaborate exercise in financial futility or b) the place where I get to turn ideas from my head into products. A brief chronology of the Hipstery:

  • 2009: Starts in my bedroom in Leipzig, as a curated mystery shopping service in which you answer a funny survey and we pick a t-shirt for you. It gets tons of press, causes tons of headaches, makes no money.
  • 2010: Relocated to Berlin, still getting tons of press, causing tons of headaches, making no money.
  • 2011: The Hipstery store opens in Neukölln. It’s the worlds first all mystery retail store. No press, no headaches, no money. Idea is bad a little ahead of its time. Store closes.
  • 2013: Closed the mystery part, drop all gimmicks, focus on selling my own products in a normal, boring, e-commerce way. Less headaches, fractionally more money.
My last real job. As well as looking after general marketing type stuff, I worked on a service called Virtual Mobile, where you could operate your smartphone via the web. As is a pattern in the majority of the projects I’m involved with, it was a little ahead of it’s time and is no longer operational.
The job that first brought me to Germany. I spent a year attempting to hide my general incompetence and doing community management for the English speaking market.
I vaguely remember a lot of Excel reporting work that mostly involved pivot tables, in which I am now a Ninja. Other than that, I’ve forgotten all but trying to calculate how much money Bill Gates had made during each of my toilet breaks (I’ve got a pivot table for that around here somewhere).
The ongoing job of trying to understand why I’m on this big flying rock thing and more importantly how it is that I keep running out of chocolate. You can mostly find me napping, thinking, travelling, sitting, apologising and forgetting people’s names.
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